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Founded in 2006, Focus Music endeavors to make a difference in the music and entertainment industry & bringing it to the next level. Incorporating Music Production, Events Management and Pop Music School, we embrace continuous innovation and excellence. 


Everyone has the potential to be great singers. With this believe, Focus Music School in Singapore was founded in 2006 to provide singing lesson to anyone who has a desire and passion for music and singing. Some of our instructors have even been invited on numerous occasions as judges for singing competition. So with our experienced and dedicated team, with their teaching & guidance will help you achieve a new vocal height. Other then focusing on singing lesson, we also provide guitar lesson and keyboard lesson to students that are passionate about more then just singing. We endeavor to make a difference in the music and entertainment industry in Singapore and bring it to the next level. Incorporating Pop music schools, Music Production, and Events Management, we embrace continuous innovation and excellence.

fang 老师示范如何打好声音的基础
7月7日Focus Music焦点音乐教室迷你音乐会'玩乐.派', 我们的钢琴兼歌唱老师Grace的表演片段:'领悟', 浑厚且带着磁性的嗓音让全场听众沉醉其中
7月7日Focus Music 焦点音乐教室迷你音乐会片断,3 位劳苦功高的老师们的精彩表演,吉他老师颜毓添Ah Tian, 钢琴兼歌唱老师Grace, 歌唱老师 谢子伟Jeff
Ah Tian 老师说,学吉他不难,但也需要一些窍门。
jeff 老师示范错误的发声和教导唱高音的正确方式。
Grace 老师说,你不一定需要会看豆芽,也不一定要有音乐底子,你还是可以学习键盘弹奏…
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