Fuel your passion. Realize your potential.

Do you want to take your singing to the next level? Then this course is for you!  In this course you will able to learn how to improve your pitch, rhythmic sense, vocal positioning and concentration, the usage of vocal resonators like diaphragm, head, cheekbone and chest resonator, vocal control, intonation and Pop music studies.

We have courses for all ages, children’s group for ages 6 to 12, teen group for ages 13 to 20, Adult’s group for above 20s and Senior group for above 50 years old.

  1. Vocal positions and concentration

  2. Different vocal parts: Head voice, cheekbone voice & chest voice

• Usage of diaphragm

• Vocal Control

• Intonation

  1. Pop music studies

Group: $195 per month (4 session), 2 hours per session, 3 to 5 pax in a class.

individual: $320 per 4 sessions, 1 hour per session.

Dual: $195 per month(4 sessions),  1 hour per session.

Envy those who can strum and sing at the same time? Hope that one day you could play the 6 string instrument like them too? Now you can! Join us at the Focus Music Pop Guitar Course and let our experienced instructor take you there. With more than 20 years of experience in guitar and 6 years for violin, Mr.Tian is an expert with the guitar. Learn fingerings, chords and the different techniques of playing the guitar. You will also become a master in no time. There is no age limit for our courses. Courses are available for Beginners and Intermediates in groups of at least 4 students. One on one classes are also available. 

Group: $150 per month, 1 hour per session, 3 to 5 pax in a class

Individual: $240 per month, 1 hour per session

Dual: $180 per month, 1 hour per session.

This course aims to prepare students to perform in musical productions of different genres and styles. This course focuses heavily on instrumental performance. The students will gain solid foundations and the ability to perform in various roles, such as soloist, accompaniment and rehearsals. They will also acquire the skills necessary to become a professional in music instructor. During the course students will be given plenty of opportunities to take part in a lot of hands-on activities.

There is no age limit for the course.

Group: $150 per month, 1 hour per session, 4 pax in a class

Individual: $240 per month, 1 hour per session

Dual: $180 per month(4 sessions), 1 hour per session.

Fuel your passion. Realize your potential.

Singing can be frustrating at times, especially when you realize that you are not improving. This will eventually lead to the dwindling of the passion you once had for singing. Our instructors understand the bottlenecks that you might be facing, as we had also gone down the same road before.

The Vocal Proficiency Course is structured to show you the short cuts to achieving singing excellence. Students will learn how to be proficient in singing, both on and off the stage through rigorous training and drilling in the art of singing. Plenty of performance opportunities will be given to any student who performed outstandingly in the course. 

The criteria for admission will be based on these qualities:

1. Good Intonation & Enunciation

2. An understanding of song rendition

3. Strong vocal projection and power

Course outline


• Understanding performance

• Effective showmanship

• Connecting with audiences

• Experience recording in a studio

• Understand the differences between a studio and live recording.

A vocal audition will be conducted to assess the singing competency of the applicant, from which enrollment eligibility will be determined. 

Group: $220 per month, 2 hours per session, 3 to 5 pax in a class.

Pop Singing Course

Pop Guitar Course

Pop Keyboard Course

Vocal Proficiency Course

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Ah Tian 老师说,学吉他不难,但也需要一些窍门。
Grace 老师说,你不一定需要会看豆芽,也不一定要有音乐底子,你还是可以学习键盘弹奏…

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Ever wanted to play the guitar while singing along. Here is your chance to cease the opportunity by taking baby steps and start off with Ukulele. Ukulele is a easy to learn instrument for beginners who would like to start off playing guitar and not wanting to suffer the painful process of swollen fingers. This applies even to kids. Never is playing the guitar, a painful process but rather a joy.

Lessons description:

Getting frustrated with stiff fingers, lack of rhythm and pace that resorts you to put away your guitar then on. Do not worry nor fret for Ukulele has only 4 strings, and is easy to learn. With the guide of our instructor, Instructor Ah-Tian, you will be well assured of his patience, that will not only allow you to gain the confidence of playing the guitar again, but also learning many new different songs with different techniques that he will be teaching you, making you fall back in love with your guitar or ukulele.

You may base on the physical appearance of Ukulele and feel differently towards its ability in bringing you the wonders of music. Don't feel that way, for you will be wowed by what it could bring you.

With the guidance from our instructor Ah-Tian, let us embrace and and walk towards a new path of music together with a new interesting instrument called Ukulele and create beautiful melodies. So far, in the music industry, both guitar and piano has been the favorite instruments for all, and with the Ukulele, it will be better and like never before.

Group: $150 per month, 1 hour per session, 3 to 5 pax in a class

Individual: 240 per month, 1 hour session.

Dual: $180 per month, 1 hour session.

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