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I joined Focus Music sometime in October 2010 & Jeff Taey became my very first, young vocal instructor. I used to sing in the old school manner. Jeff observed my vocal capability for some weeks. Thereafter, he assigned me to do a newer number.  He wanted a change. I felt trapped but I saw his sincerity in changing me.  I took that brave step and since then, it'd no turning back.  Via Jeff, I learned better vocal manipulation, skills and technics.  Through the years, Jeff remains my major vocal Laoshi and I enjoyed learning from him without any barrier whatsoever.  Besides my weekly class, we now explore and make music together when time permits.  My heart-felt gratitude and fervent thanks to Jeff. I also like to give thanks to Fang Laoshi who has seen me grow from zero to what I'm today.  She encourages me to move onward & forward and together with Jeff, she is always there to cheer me on when I am competing. Focus Music is a school where I've enjoyed learning and it will always have a special place in my heart.  Focus Music ... the root of my love in singing.

Qing feng Li

Learning guitar is a tough course which needs a lot of time investment & practice. With work pressure and family commitments, there are times which i want to quit learning espacially during the moments when i'm not improving. Thank you Ah Tian Laoshi for accommodating on the lesson timing and patients in coaching. His positive energy made me learn more songs, enjoy playing guitar and play better.

Jian Jie

I have joined Focus Music since August 2015 and my singing skill has improved a lot! I realised that it is not about how famous the school is. It is about meeting the right teachers who are capable to teach the skills I have been longing to learn, see my goal and achieve it with me. They tailor the lesson to our needs. The ability to arrange remedial classes does not only bring flexibility to fit our busy schedules, it also exposes us to various vocal skills and technics when we are arranged to join different teachers' class as remedial. Come join us!"

Yap Yi Tian

Since joined Focus Music, I noticed my vocal range and control improved leaps and bounds. The class is always full of laughter and fun with Grace Laoshi around. She is committed in her teaching and always expects us to maximize our singing potential. Nevertheless, she also has a lighter side in her with the occasion jokes in the class


我的声音太阴性常在电话里被人误会我是女人。因此以前的我很不开心,苦恼和烦躁。有一天我决定把我的缺点运用在歌唱。起初我在歌唱方面太多问题了。不过老师都很耐心地针对我的每个问题和帮我解决。现在的我在唱歌时可以展现我的雄性。只有唱歌时别人才不会误以为我是女的。找回做男人的自信心。谢谢 Grace老师和Yi Fang校长一直在帮我和借课室给我练歌。我想学到能像专业歌手般。像我这样的音痴都可以不断地进步。你们一定要来学啊!

~Jason Wong

jeff 老师示范错误的发声和教导唱高音的正确方式。